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We are excited to have you with us!   The SWTV team is currently at work expanding this website into an internet hub for the deaf and American Sign Language communities.  You will find quality programs and entertainment in ASL and accessible to Deaf and Hearing.  Make sure to keep an eye on this website for new programming coming soon!

Press Release:

Disney’s SIGNin’ in the Street – Disney is excited to announce a very special event coming to Disneyland Resort. On the weekend of March 17 and 18, Downtown Disney District will host a celebration of creativity in the deaf community – SIGNin’ in the Street. Read More

Sign World TV is growing as a film production company.  Our production lineup includes a variety of films, webisodes, promotional videos and more.  We’re a one-stop shop for our viewers offering quality programs that give back to the community.

One of Sign World TV’s main goals is to provide inclusive screen media for the community and beyond.

SWTV can help your organization create promotional shorts, films, webisodes, public announcements and more.  If you are looking for a team who understands your Deaf organization, want to make your short accessible and inclusive, then we are the right fit for you.

Sign World TV is deeply committed to providing enriching and fun educational programming in American Sign Language for our youth.  We are educating the media and the world community about how we can make entertainment more inclusive and diverse. Film makers are making amazing movies!  Sign World TV Events will bring these movies to our communities, fully accessible with captions and voice over. Looking for the right talent for your event?  You have come to the right place: Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and CODA’s.  Sign World TV Talent Catalog is the first place to look for amazing national and international Sign Language talent.

Join Sign World TV for an exciting weekend event celebrating creativity in the deaf community at The Disneyland Resort! On March 17, 18 2012 the Downtown Disney District will host live performances, celebrities, films, and interactive fun for all ages.

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Sign World TV team is developing “Deaf Culture, Our Way” by Roy K. Holcomb into webisodes. These vignettes portray the humorous, hazardous, and sometimes embarrassing experiences of being deaf in a predominately sound-based world.  Have fun exploring the wonderful world of Deaf culture from the eyes of deaf people and those who live with them. Coming Soon: A comical and spellbinding trip through the “Evolution of Love”.  This first live creation of Cirque du Sign is a mixture of performance art, circus acts, dance, and live music fused together for an amazing visual feast.  Don’t miss the artistry of TL Forsberg, Deanne Bray, CJ Jones, Bob Hiltermann, Meral Aydin and a fabulous supporting cast for Cirque du Sign “Evolution of Love”.

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This documentary film follows comic CJ Jones and 24 other deaf and hard of hearing adventurers as they travel through the wilds of a safari reservation in southern Africa.  Bunji jump off Victoria Falls, enjoy a family of wild elephants, and meet deaf children from Batswana school for the Deaf…and more!  Don’t miss this truly memorable adventure.

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