Cirque du Sign

[two_columns ][/two_columns] [two_columns_last ]Cirque du Sign was performed at Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas on April 9, 2011 for the Greater Lakes Deaf Bowling Association.

Meral Aydin
Deanne Bray
Alex Drattell
Jennifer Eagle
TL Forsberg
Bob Hiltermann
CJ Jones
Catherine MacKinnon
Tricia Wysynski

Visual Design, Seramstress, Costumes, Make Up Designer: Meral Aydin
Wardrobe Designer: TL Forsberg
Music, Written and Arranged by: CJ Jones, TL Forsberg and Bob Hiltermann
Production Lighting and Sound: Red Rock Resort and Matthew McDuffee
Dance Choreography: Alex Drattell and Meral Aydin
Aerial Artist: Tricia Wysynski
Voice: Jennifer Eagle
Creative Collaborators: Deanne Bray, Meral Aydin, Bob Hiltermann, TL Forsberg, Alex Drattell and CJ Jones
Poems Written: Bridgett Patterson and Unknown
Production Manager: Catherine MacKinnon
Production Manager Assistant: Rhiannon Guitterrez
Cinematographer: Michael Davis,
Executive Producer, Director, Writer: CJ Jones

Year: 2011

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