Entertainment channel for deaf, hard of hearing and hearing audiences.

Mission Statement

SWTV is an entertainment company promoting equal access within media entertainment.  Our quality programs and commercials feature American Sign Language accompanied by simultaneous communication, voiceovers and captioning for all audiences to enjoy.

Dedicated to entertaining the diverse community of sign language users both nationwide and internationally, SWTV programming will target an untapped market within the entertainment industry and mainstream media.

SWTV’s mission:

• Create meaningful, educational and entertaining sign language programming.
• Build greater awareness of the diversity of deaf cultures worldwide.
• Create job opportunities for deaf, hard of hearing and hearing sign professionals.
• Provide workforce mentorships for deaf and hard of hearing youth and adults.
• Development of entertainment industry partnerships and collaborations.


Sign World TV’s Founder

As an entertainer, CJ Jones has done just about everything, from performing a Tony Award winning play on National Tour, to directing Deaf kids from high school to kindergarten in their own productions.  He has acted in TV, written several one-man shows that have toured the US and internationally, and gives motivational speeches to colleges and companies.  In short, CJ Jones, is CEO, producer, director, writer, actor, comedian, and musician.

Combining his extensive background in the entertainment field and his heart for the Deaf community, he founded Sign World Media to help broaden the opportunities for Deaf people in entertainment and provide Sign Language and accessible programming for the community.

This year 2017, CJ acted in two movies: “Baby Driver” and “Door in the Woods”. He is also involved with Avatar 2  film.



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